Adventures in e-publishing – the adventures so far.

I started on my adventures in e-publishing when my friends Michael Gregorio (it’s two people writing as one) published their collection of satirical pieces on the crisis in Italy, called INSIDE ITALY. I was intrigued and thought I would have a go myself. I put out a collection of short stories, called The Bridge That Bunuel Built (“I laughed out loud, alarmed some fellow tube passengers and retched a couple of times. What more could you want from a collection of stories?” Amazon review). In the meantime, I talked to as many people as I could about their experiences in this brave new world of e-books.

So, to recap, here’s a linked index to all the adventures in e-publishing I’ve run so far:

1 -INSIDE ITALY by Michael Gregorio.

2 – Interview with Lee Jackson.

3 – Interview with Ian Hocking.

4 – Interview with Kate Lyall Grant.

5 -The Bridge That Bunuel Built.

6 -Interview with Kate Allan.

7 – Have your say!

8 – Readers’ survey.

9 – Self-publish and be damned.

10 – Interview with Aliefka Bijlsma.

11 – Interview with Richard T. Kelly.

12 – Interview with Matt Curran.

13 – Interview with Fiona Robyn.

14 – Interview with Seumas Gallacher.

15 – Interview with MG Harris.

16 – Interview with Shana Raywood.


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