The White Feather Killer

London, 1914. The declaration of war with Germany has made the capital a dark, uncertain place, rife with fear and suspicion. As the pressure on young men to enlist grows stronger, Pastor Cardew holds a rally at his church. Unfortunately, it ends in humiliation for Felix Simpkins when he receives a dreaded white feather – the ultimate sign of cowardice.

Meanwhile, DI Silas Quinn returns to New Scotland Yard after his recent sick leave to find the Special Crimes Department has been closed and his team absorbed into CID. But when a body is discovered in Wormwood Scrubs the day after Cardew’s rally, a white feather placed in its mouth, Quinn finds himself unable to take a back seat in the investigation. Was the murderer really a foreign spy . . . or someone closer to home?

What the critics say

This is an outstanding exploration of warring emotions, both external and internal.”

Historical Novel Review, Editor’s Choice

“if you like interesting, character driven, historical mysteries, then this is a series you should investigate… I hope we won’t wait too long for the next book.

S Riaz, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer

“Morris is an outstanding writer and this character driven narrative is superb. Quinn is a well rounded character with a burning desire to see justice done, often to his own detriment. The plot is gripping. Just when you think everything is worked out another corner is turned and off it goes again. I truly loved this book and I am off to buy another in the series. If you like authentic, character driven, historical suspense, I would say this book is a must buy.

Wendy Jones, Bookaholic

Morris nicely evokes the tense atmosphere of London in August 1914. A complex lead and an intricate puzzle elevate this entry.”

Publishers Weekly

“Morris excels at characterization, historical atmosphere, the requisite “no — and furthermore,” and the craft of whodunit, with which he keeps you guessing until the end. So many scenes in his novel start out one way and shoot off unexpectedly in another, the essence of tension, because something touches a nerve in his legion of fragile people.


“[A]n exciting, atmospheric and deftly plotted police procedural set in and around London in the early days of the Great War… Strongly recommended.

Terry Halligan


“This latest in Morris’ historical police-procedural series features a flawed hero, disturbing undertones, a gripping plot, realistic period ambience, taut suspense, and exceptional writing.


“… does a fantastic job of combining historical fiction with a classic crime thriller.”

NetGalley Review

“Morris builds tension slowly but effectively in this character-driven fifth franchise installment.


“…as uncomfortable and haunting a tale as I have read for some time…Historical novels come and go, and all too many are over-reliant on competent research and authentic period detail, but Morris plays his ace with his brilliant and evocative use of language. .”

Fully Booked

“The Silas Quinn series gets better with every book.

NetGalley Review