Yes, today’s the day. The book is officially available for purchase. I’d be interested to hear if anyone spots it in any actual bookshops, so please leave a comment if you have.

I blogged about my peculiarly neurotic reaction to publication on Nik Perring’s blog . Strangely enough, writing that article really made me question my amazon-ranking-checking addiction and gave me the motivation to knock it on the head. There really is nothing to be gained from it, and since I wrote the piece I haven’t been back to amazon to have a sneaky peek. (Promise.) I feel a lot better too. Someone once likened an author checking amazon rankings to a farmer watching the sky, in the deluded expectation that it would cause it to rain. I don’t know what changed inside me, but suddenly doing it made me feel dirty, so I stopped.

I’m trying not to spend as much time scouring the internet for any mentions of the book, in blogs or newspapers. I admit I have set a google alert to notify me if anything comes up, and I’m going to try and leave it at that. It’s not that I don’t care what people are saying about the book, but I just think, in general, I waste a lot of time trying to find out if anyone’s saying anything. The fact is, most of the time they are not.

But three early reviews have come to my attention, so I will point the way to them for anyone who’s interested. There’s Norman Price at CrimeScraps, who pays me the ultimate compliment in his review. I was very sorry to hear that Norman had very badly broken his leg falling downstairs. He  had to have an operation and generally has had a terrible time of it. Anyhow, he was reading Razor while recuperating and you can find out what he thought here.

Sarah Fox blogs as the Virtual Victorian and she has very kindly featured the book in a recent blog post here.

And last but by no means least, there’s a review on Lizzy’s Literary Life.

Not bad for day one of publication. I wonder if it’s had any impact on my amazon ranking? No! No! Nnnnnooooo! Must. Not. Go. There.


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