Chapter headings for Fortune’s Hand

Oakfast. Seedburst. Crossing. War. A damask sea. Cozening. Drunk on geography. The new Aphrodite. The savage tongue. Solar alchemy. The Great Comet. Lunar alchemy. The Presence Chamber. Gallows fly. A very pirate. Poor John. Aboard the admiral. Tar. Cannonshot. The Paradoxal Compass.

Tennis. Making ink. A dozen devils. For a suit of clothes.

Conjuring enemies. The Golden Fort. Very well. This. Letters. Groans. Further examples. Wintergreen. Revels. She gives. The old cob house. I am Water. Whither? Whispers. Fall. The whiff of treasure. Ripples. Have with you to Walsingham.

Backwater. Ebbtide. Undertide. Dreamtide. Lowtide. Woetide. Bloodtide. Meta Incognita. Wind-whipped. Best hated. Hellburners. Politic. For what do I weep? Turn about. She takes. Menagerie. Mother of God.

The ladder of years. The Black Lake. Caulking. Discovery. He is not surprised. Forsooth. The ebb tide and the flood. Further discoveries. The river gives, the river takes. A relic of a man. Cadiz! Favour. Blink. All will be well. Theobalds. Against attainder. Unravelling. The nighttime of the night. So fickle is the vulgar crowd. The companion of my captivity. Tidings. Further tidings. And yet more tidings. Brave new world. Destiny.

Wild weather. Oranges in sand. Journal. Return. Nigredo. Will it console you? Undone. The wings of a man’s life. I am cheered. Red.

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