Off to Ilkley (without a hat)

This time next week I shall be in Ilkley, taking part in the Ilkley Literature Festival. I’ll be doing an event with fellow historical novelists Maria McCann, Emma Darwin and Rose Melikan. Our gig is in the Ilkley Playhouse at 2.00pm on Sunday 17th October. I’m looking forward to it very much, and if you are in the area I hope you can come along.

I’m aware that I’ve been neglecting the Bloody Blog recently. I feel very guilty about that. Especially the lack of any new Twisteries.

But I think I have a good excuse. I’m cracking on with writing a new book. At the moment, it just has to take priority over everything else. I can’t really say very much about it, except that it isn’t historical crime, it isn’t set in Russia and it doesn’t feature a character taken from someone else’s book! Something a bit different for me then? Not really. I have written a contemporary novel before, you know.

Oh, and I’ve also been commissioned to write a sequel to The Exsanguinist. By the end of January. So when I’m not working on my new novel, I will be working on that. I’m going to be a busy boy.



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