Chapter Headings From The Mannequin House.

Following on from my last post, here are the chapter headings from my last book, The Mannequin House. My next book, The Dark Palace, won’t have chapter headings.


The House of Blackley

The Locked Door

The Usual Misunderstanding

Speak of the Devil

Hear No Evil

The Weeping Mannequin

The Secret Letters

The Spare Room

The Monkey in the Tree

The Mask Slips


Conversations With Mannequins

Locks, Clocks and Mechanical Contrivances

The African Grey

Lessons Learnt

The Eyes of Miss Dillard

A New Broom

The Medical Examiner’s Report

A Chip Off the Old Block


A Question of Conscience

A Confrontation

A Watch

Father and Son

A Striking Window Display

The Door That Led Nowhere

Ascending the Dome

Less Than Perfect Fathers

The Experiment

An Interest In Keys

A World of Provision

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