A real life mystery

I’ve been putting off blogging about this, because, to be honest, it has slightly freaked me out. Remember Snosephine, the snow woman my son and I built?

Well, naturally, the snow melted and Snosephine disappeared. But so too did virtually all trace of her, including the lumps of coal that were her eyes and buttons, the carrot that was her nose, and most perplexing of all, her straw hat. The only part of her that was left was the stone that had formed her mouth. Her smile, perhaps – though if I’m honest it was more a straight mouthed grimace than a smile.

I can explain away the carrot – a hungry squirrel maybe. But some of those pieces of coal were pretty chunky, and why would an animal or a bird want them in the first place? And the hat? I have an image in my mind of a grinning fox scampering away with the hat at a jaunty angle.

It’s possible that the items were stolen by a human thief. But why would anyone climb into our garden just to nick a tatty hat and a few lumps of damp coal?

I’m forced to conclude that Snosephine didn’t melt at all, but simply flew away. As for the mouth she left behind, naturally in the circumstances she exchanged her grimace for a more joyous, liberated expression.

I can think of no other rational explanation. Except perhaps that she has been kidnapped, or should that be snowmannapped? It would not be the first case on record.

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