Twistery #7 – and some early entries from Philip Ardagh

He was shot in a supermarket. CCTV showed only 1 possible suspect, Bashmachkin. But he had both hands on his trolley, no gun in sight.

I posted this on twitter and facebook earlier today and received the correct solution almost immediately. Well done Stacey Mitchell. I shall be posting the full official solution on my blog soon, but I thought would share with you a flurry of possible solutions which I received via facebook from the brilliant Philip Ardagh, the phenomenally bearded author of Grubtown Tales.

His solutions are “good but not right!” in the words of the great Roy Walker, late of Catchphrase and more recently a Churchill ad. They are a little barmy, but no barmier than the actual solutions usually turn out to be, and a hell of a lot funnier. So, enjoy:

Perhaps he shot him with a camera?

The old Trolley Gun 350?

In the man’s trolley was a large bag supposedly containing cat litter but actually his accomplice of restricted growth who hid himself in it the night before. In the bag were two holes. One for looking out of and the other for firing through…

The CCTV camera was on a swivel mount. A remote-controlled gun was attached to the mount and fired — out of vision — from there…

Bunji, the amazing (West) Indian Rubber man had secreted himself inside what appeared to be a giant novelty green foam hat — this was St Patrick’s Day, remember — when…

It was suicide. But this involves a very complicated diagram and a very long piece of elastic.

The clue is in the deep grooves left in the packet of baby carrots in the frozen foods aisle…

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