The psychopaths are taking over.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump shake handsI’m not saying I predicted it. But when I wrote my dystopian novel, Psychotopia we were in the midst of the campaign which saw Trump elected President of the United States (after audio of him admitting to sexually assaulting women was released) at the same time as Boris Johnson was putting massive lies on the side of a bus in order to win the Brexit referendum. All that fed into my imagination and inspired me – or should I say tortured me? – to come up with a vision of a world where the number of psychopaths in society increases to the extent that psychopaths become a politically significant force.

So that’s the story I wrote.

And we now seem to be living in the beginning of the end of days, heralded in by those insane events.

It’s playing out.

Which may or may not be a good time to read the book that I was moved to write when this whole absurdist, farcical tragedy kicked off.

You can download the book on your kindle here. Or get the hardback at a bargain price here.

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