The next best thing to spotting someone reading your book…

… is getting a text like this: “U wont believe this. I jst got on the bus & the woman sat next to me is reading ur new book! I hadnt even sat down & I blurted out ‘my cousin wrote that!'”

The text was from my cousin Zoe, who went on to say that the woman had been sent A Razor Wrapped In Silk by Amazon to review. I’d post a link, but I’m currently fighting an amazon-checking addiction, so I can’t allow myself to go anywhere near the site. Anyhow, she said she was enjoying it, so hopefully her review will be positive!

It reminds me of the girl reading Gentle Axe on the Yellow Line.

2 thoughts on “The next best thing to spotting someone reading your book…”

  1. Aw, it still hasn’t happened to me yet and I’m still not sure what I’d do if it did.

    Although I do have an uncontrollable urge to lay claim to other people’s books – offer to sign them in Waterstone’s etc. Just to see if I could. Just to see what would happen.

  2. Hi Jenn, I don’t know what I would do if I myself actually saw someone reading one of my books. I think I would be too embarrassed to say anything!

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