When The Flame Dies

Resurrecting Raymond.

An article I wrote for Vulpes Libris to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Raymond Radiguet. Radiguet provided the model of ‘The Loved One’ in our opera When The Flame Dies.

In memory of Raymond Radiguet, 1903-1923.

The French poet and novelist Raymond Radiguet died today 90 years ago. The character of ‘The Loved One’ in When the Flame Dies is based on Radiguet, so to commemorate his death, here’s the moment in our opera when he comes back to life. The singer is counter tenor Andrew Radley.

Look what came in the post!

Very excited to receive a copy of the CD/DVD of When the Flame Dies. So excited I can’t write in proper sentences any more. Not sure when it comes out officially yet. Later this year some time. Still too excited to manage a proper sentence. Either that or I’m being a bit lazy.    

Catch up.

I’ve been busy. First there was the opera When The Flame Dies, which was performed brilliantly and to an enthusiastic reception on Wednesday night in Canterbury. As the librettist, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the performance. I thought it came across tremendously well. So well done …

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