Signing books for competition winners

I popped into the offices of Faber and Faber this morning, en route to the British Museum, to sign some copies of A Razor Wrapped in Silk for the winners of the competition I ran last week, and one that Nik Perring ran on his blog to go with the article I wrote for him. I think I have just broken the record for the most links posted in a single sentence.

The momentous occasion was captured for posterity, or at least the Bloody Blog, by my 12-year-old daughter, who I had taken along in her capacity as my official authorised photographer. 10-year-old son was also in tow, in his  capacity as official cheeker. He was very happy because Alex at Faber very kindly gave him a copy of the latest Justin Richards novel, Chamber of Shadows. I also managed to blag some books to put into a fund-raising auction for The Crouch End Festival Chorus, a top choir that my wife sings in.

This post is just link-tastic, don’t you think?

Anyhow, here are some photos of the visit. Photo credit, Claire Morris, of course.

The lady with her back to the camera is Alex Holroyd, press and publicity suprema from Faber and Faber. The bit of blond hair you can see in the corner belongs to my son.

There you go. A close up of me actually signing a book. It doesn’t get more exciting than that.

I include this picture only because I am amazed how hairy my arm looks. It’s not that hairy in real life, I promise you.

Sadly, I had to disqualify one of the original winners because she lives in Australia. But the copy went to number 11 on my randomly generated list, Sarah Ann Watts.

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