Publication day!

Well, today is the official publication day of my new novel, The Cleansing Flames. It’s the fourth (and possibly final!) instalment in my St Petersburg Mysteries series.

I’ve had a lovely P-day so far, hanging out the washing, eating a large fattening raisin croissant and going to the post office. This is the life!

Highlight of the day was spotting this brief mention of my novels on the Juxtabook website. It just happened to come up on twitter when I was following the timeline. I love this quote:

“For the non-Russian-novel reader I would say that although quite short, there is something Dickensian in scope, in the range of characters, of classes, of subjects in these novels. If you like Bleak House then you’ll like the St Petersburg novels.”

Thank you Juxtabook.

I shall be celebrating further in about forty minutes when I randomly select the winners in my competition to win 5 signed copies of The Cleansing Flames. So if you haven’t entered already, go here to do so.

STOP PRESS: Winners drawn and notified. Congratulations to Paul Inman, Peter Devonald, Michael O’Sullivan, Simon Collinge and Anna Dowling. Please let me know your postal addresses!

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