Gig diary.

I’m doing a couple of events next month. Or gigs, as we like to call them in the rock’n’roll world that is historical crime fiction.

The first is on Sunday October 13 at St Mark’s Church Hall as part of the Wood Green Literary Festival. I’ll be chairing a panel on London in crime fiction (or something like that) with Christopher Fowler, DE Meredith and Lloyd Shepherd.  The event starts at 3.00pm.

Yes, you read that right. Chairing. Me. Sounds very grown up, doesn’t it? What were they thinking?

Then on the following Tuesday (15th) I’ll be taking part in the Get Barking and Dagenham Reading Festival, on a panel on historical crime, alongside Lloyd Shepherd (again) and Linda Stratmann. That will be held at the Robert Jeyes Library. That’s an evening gig 7pm to 8.45.

I don’t know. You wait ages to get invited to literary festival and then two come along at once.

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