Exciting news – there’s now a Silas Quinn omnibus ebook!

My publisher Severn House has released a special omnibus edition of the first two Silas Quinn novels. It’s available now from Amazon for just £4.80 for both books. I think it’s pretty cool to have an omnibus edition out there. The idea is that it will give readers new to the series a chance to catch up before the release of the new book, The Red Hand of Fury, later this month. To be honest, you don’t have to have read the earlier books in the series to enjoy the latest. I deliberately write the novels so that each one stands on its own, but that it can be enjoyed if you read it in sequence with the others – or even out of sequence. I don’t necessarily read every book  of another writer’s series in strict order and it never bothers me. But for the completists among you, this is a good offer, no?

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