New trailer for Psychotopia.

My dystopian novel PSYCHOTOPIA comes out in the US on Feb 1. It will also be available on Kindle in the US and the UK from then. To celebrate, here’s a new trailer: Psychotopia gameplay from Roger Morris on Vimeo.    

It’s time.

I think it’s time to start writing another novel. Or perhaps it’s more that I feel it’s time. This isn’t a conscious – let alone rational – decision. I mean, rationally, why would you? Why would anyone? Do this. Spend hours a day, for months, slogging away in isolation, for very little financial reward. I …

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New year, new book.

It’s 2019. And I’ve got another book coming out. This will be my eleventh published novel, and the fifth book in the Silas Quinn series. Here’s the blurb:  London, 1914. The declaration of war with Germany has made the capital a dark, uncertain place, rife with fear and suspicion. As the pressure on young men …

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The Black Friday Riots

An excerpt from PSYCHOTOPIA… Arbus and his political masters got the main event they were waiting for soon enough. It turned out perfectly for them. So perfectly, you might even have thought they’d planned it. But that would be crazy, hey? I mean, a government that deliberately seeds civil disorder? That would have to make …

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