I came up with an idea for an article earlier this week. I shared the idea with Alex, my press officer at Faber, and she seemed to think there might be something in it, though it was a little too Dostoevsky-focused, perhaps. I was going to write something about the theme of child rape as …

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Bear with me (please!)

If anyone has left comments, then I apologise because I don’t seem to be able to access them. However, 17 spam messages have been blocked, and I can’t access them either. In fact, I think I just inadvertently cleared them out. Ooops. Who said wordpress was easy. I will try to sort this out. Sorry!


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I’ve just finished re-reading Dostoevsky’s great novel Demons (also known as The Devils or The Possessed). I was looking at it again as preparation for my own next novel, which will be set amongst the Russian revolutionaries and nihilists of the 1870s. One of the things that struck me most about Dostoevsky’s book is just …

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