Bear with me (please!)

If anyone has left comments, then I apologise because I don’t seem to be able to access them. However, 17 spam messages have been blocked, and I can’t access them either. In fact, I think I just inadvertently cleared them out.

Ooops. Who said wordpress was easy. I will try to sort this out.


8 thoughts on “Bear with me (please!)”

  1. Hi Roger,
    Hopefully you should be able to start receiving comments now. I’ve also put up a new contact from for you which, as well as stopping spam, also helps digitize important books. I thought this was rather apt for your site.

  2. Thanks Jo! Good to see it’s accepting comments now – and I am also receiving messages! Thanks Toney for sorting it out. Not just a brilliant designer, but a technical wizard too!

  3. Toney Here,

    Just testing the comments again to make sure you get them. I’ve put in a different email address so I should be counted as a guest. Hopefully your Askimet count will go up to 12 Legitimate Comments now. Basically treat 10 as 0.

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