Author written out of story

I thought this was odd, so odd I was moved to leave a comment: a story on the Bookseller website about a new fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci which has just been acquired by Granta Books. I’ve read the article several times now and I’ll be damned if I can find the name of the author of this new book, Gioconda, which is described by its publisher as “a startlingly powerful debut novel”. You’d think the creator of such a wonderful piece of work deserves a name check.

Please tell me it’s there, and I’ve missed it. I’d hate to think that authors were now of so little account to publishers, agents and booktrade journalists that they don’t think it worth mentioning them when discussing their precious deals.

Otherwise, it’s a mystery. More puzzling than any twistery, that’s for sure.

The full article, please check and tell me I’m going mad!:

“The first literary evocation in fiction of Leonardo da Vinci’s life” has been snapped up by Granta in a pre-emptive deal for an undisclosed sum.

Bella Lacey [editor] acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Anna Webber [agent] at United Agents for publication as a lead fiction title in July 2011. [But where’s the author?]

The publisher described Gioconda as “a startlingly powerful debut novel, which uses what is already known about Leonardo’s personality and life story to paint an intimate and thrilling portrait of the man as he might have been”.

Gioconda aims to offer a new perspective on da Vinci’s worldview and the motivations which drove him, in particular shedding light on his relationship with Lisa del Giocondo, the enigmatic subject of the Mona Lisa.”

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  1. Hello, I just thought I’d drop a line to say that I think my name was left out of the article by mistake. Granta is in fact doing a wonderful job. I hope you get around to reading the novel – if so, I hope you enjoy it. I don’t have a website up and running at the moment, but should have one soon. I would welcome your comments on the book, if you have any.

  2. Hi Lucille, thanks for dropping in. I’m glad you’re happy with the job Granta are doing. I’m sure it was a mistake. Mistakes do happen. It’s just that when I read it it struck me as a very odd mistake to make!

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