Another year, another book.

The Dark Palace will be my eighth published novel. My first one, Taking Comfort, came out in 2006. Since then, I have averaged a book a year, though I didn’t have a book out in 2009. I compensated by bringing two out in 2012.

A book a year may seem quite prolific but I think it’s industry-standard for genre novellists. And some people manage a lot more. Simenon wrote about 200 novels in his lifetime. He wrote his first novel when he was sixteen though it wasn’t published until he was eighteen (yes, I’ve been on Wikipedia). He died at the age of 86. So let’s say he had 60 years of writing, that’s urm, ah… I’m sure you can work it out yourself.

At any rate, eight books in eight years is nothing by comparison. I really ought to pull my socks up.

There’s more about The Dark Palace in a piece I wrote for Shots Magazine here.

Or watch the trailer:

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