Another glimpse into a writer’s life (with cat)

Apologies for the poor sound and video quality, but I just had to record this anyway I could. I sort of had one hand tied behind my back – well, not behind my back, pinned down to the desk. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it:

6 thoughts on “Another glimpse into a writer’s life (with cat)”

  1. Dear Roger, maybe Molly has found the Key to Life while we are fiddling about, looking for it. My cat, Lionello, has the rude habit of jumping on my desk and touching the re-boot button with his bum.
    Oops, another great idea gone!

  2. Hi Roger,

    thought of you today for some reason whilst reading Memories, Dreams and Reflections. So here we are. Moments later I am watching you on my computer in a kind of dance with your cat. How nice. I am also now following you on twitter as lankyburma. I have ordered your book from amazon as it suddenly seems quite ridiculous that I haven’t yet read it. You being family and all that.

    Best wishes to you and yours. My last ‘memory’ of you is with Pam when you let us stay the night.


  3. Hi Jane, lovely to hear from you. I remember that time you and Pam stayed. I followed your link to the lovely website you have put up in memory of Pam and was very moved by it. Saw your mum and dad just before Christmas. Derek tells me he has a blog now! (And that you are helping him with it.)

    I haven’t read Memories, Dreams and Reflections, but will check it out (when I’ve worked thro the pile of tbr books I have already).

    I shall look you up on twitter now!

    Take care


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