Twistery #17.

I’ve decided not to publish Twistery #17 on my blog, but I will make it available – together with the solution – as a free PDF to anyone who wants it. Just contact me through my contact form.

I’ve got two reasons for doing this. First, as an experiment, just to see if anyone is interested in these Twisteries enough to actively request one. And second, well, the content of this Twistery is perhaps a little sensitive. I may be being a bit paranoid, but the phrase “career suicide” did come to mind!

It is fiction, and the characters in it are not based on any person, living or dead. Any resemblance, as they say, is purely coincidental.

But, you know, some people might take it the wrong way, and I wouldn’t want that to happen. This is a sensitive time for me, and I have to exercise a little caution.


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