So, I’ve got a shiny new website (to go with my shiny new book)

If you’re reading this, you’ve found my new website. I hope you like it. It was designed and built by Antoney Calvert at Colourform Studio. I’d really recommend Toney for any writers who are looking for websites, or anyone at all. He’s a great designer and a joy to work with. Most of all, he’s very patient with all my techno-idiot questions.

Anyhow, I thought I should get it all revamped and shiny in time for the publication of my new book, The Red Hand of Fury. It’s officially published on the 30th March, but it is available to pre-order now. I suppose I should put a winking emoji in there or something? Although maybe there should be a new emoji that represents the kind of dark, twisted, slightly insane mood of the book? Any ideas anyone?




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