Publishers Weekly starred review for The Mannequin House

Getting one star on Amazon is disappointing. But getting a single coveted star from Publishers Weekly is wonderful. It certainly made my day, especially as the review concludes: “Morris excels at heartbreaking scenes of pain and violence, imbuing a classic whodunit plot with emotion and psychological depth.”

There’s also a nice reference to the book’s “standout predecessor, 2012’s Summon Up the Blood”. So, excuse me for blowing my own trumpet. But there is no one else here to do it.

Read the full review here.

I’ve had some nice online reviews too. This one from Dragons and Fairy Dust concluded “The book is absorbing. It is a fascinating portrayal of a different era and I kept turning the pages until I found out the ending. The characters are fascinating and the interaction between them really brings them to life in a unique way.”

Madhouse Family Review has this to say “If you like crime fiction and period drama, you’ll be in your element. Imagine a Sherlock Homes mystery set in the department store from BBC drama The Paradise and you’ll get a rough idea of what awaits you inside The Mannequin House”

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