Nearly 3,000 viewings for A Writer’s Life 4

A message from someone called sequin1oo reached me via the You Tube comment facility: “I love your writers life videos. May we expect anymore? I’m an aspiring writer myself, working on my first novel and I have to say those videos are my favorite.”

The comment prompted me to have a look at the videos I’ve already posted and I was surprised to see that A Writer’s Life 4 has had 2,960 views.

And to answer seguin100’s question, I think I can feel another video coming on. Watch this space.

1 thought on “Nearly 3,000 viewings for A Writer’s Life 4”

  1. Must admit I do love these! Looking forward to the next…

    Do you think that it (what the cat does) could, in some perverse way, help?

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