Lockdown Publication Day.

It’s a weird time to be publishing a book. But then again, it’s a weird time to be doing anything. Anyhow, that’s what’s happening today for me. My new Silas Quinn novel, The Music Box Enigma, is published.

Bookshops are closed. Libraries are closed. There are no book festivals. No author talks at local events.

Usually by now I’d have received my complimentary author copies, which is the first sign that a book of mine is about to go out into the world. But let’s face it, that’s something none of us are doing very much right now, so why should a book be any different?

I mean, it’s not exactly a key worker is it.

Of course, people are still reading. And maybe they are reading more than ever in these strange times. I certainly hope so. And I hope the habit sticks with them once we get to the other side of quarantine, if we ever do.

In the meantime, if (in the words of Fully Booked) “you want something to lose yourself in for a few hours and a diversion to push to one side the misery and discomfort of the lock-down, then you will find nothing better than The Music Box Enigma. So go to your favourite online book retailer, or failing that, your favourite evil tax-dodging corporation, and order a copy now.

I thank you.


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