Catch up.

I’ve been busy. First there was the opera When The Flame Dies, which was performed brilliantly and to an enthusiastic reception on Wednesday night in Canterbury.

As the librettist, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the performance. I thought it came across tremendously well.

So well done to the singers, Lucy Williams, Emily Phillips, Edward Grint, Andrew Radley, Julian Podger  and to the musicians of New Music Players: Flute – Rowland Sutherland, Clarinet – Fiona Cross, Trumpet – Edward Maxwell, Horn – Richard Steggall, Percussion – Tim Palmer, Harp – Federica Mossone, Piano – Richard Casey, Violin – Susanne Stanzeleit, Violin – Adam Summerhayes, Viola – Bridget Carey, Cello – Michael Atkinson, Double Bass – Lucy Shaw.

Thank you also to our amazing musical director Carlos Del Cueto, sound team (ie Ed and Danny) and visual artist William Reynolds.

I was really pleased how the revised structure of the piece held together (in my view) and how the pattern and progress of the drama was conveyed. The music, of course, was stunning. So congratulations especially to the composer Ed Hughes.

Thanks too to Liz Webb for all her hard work and Michelle Castelletti of Sounds New for giving us the opportunity.

I’ve also been working through the copy edits for my next Silas Quinn novel, The Mannequin House. Thanks once again to Sara Porter of Severn House for doing such a great job.

I think I might have a Kit-Kat and a cup of tea now.

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