Trailer for The Dark Palace.

Here’s the trailer for my new book, The Dark Palace, which is now up on youtube and vimeo. The suspenseful music was composed and performed by my son Luke Morris (aged 14). The instrumentation is violin, synth and bass drum, which he was able to multi-track using Audacity. I acted as studio technician, clicking on record when he told me to. The synth is a Microkorg XL +, which he got for Christmas. He composed it on the synth, but decided to use his violin for the actual track. There are actually three violin tracks in there. He played the bass drum from his drum kit with sticks (rather than pedal). The drum kit was a Christmas present two Christmases ago. I don’t know what instrument we’ll be buying him next Christmas.

The boy done good, I’d say.

If you prefer to watch it on vimeo, it’s here.

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