The all purpose monkey reviews Razor Wrapped in Silk.

Elizabeth A. White, whose book review blog is subtitled “The musings of an all purpose monkey”, has written a great review of A Razor Wrapped In Silk. Amongst other nice things, she said this: “The investigations make for a great detective story in and of themselves but, as with the previous two entries in the series, where A Razor Wrapped in Silk truly shines is in author R.N. Morris’ exquisite portrayal of both time and place.”

I especially appreciated her comments about the book’s relationship to Dostoevsky’s Crime And Punishment, the novel in which Porfiry Petrovich first appears: “If you are a fan of Crime and Punishment I strongly urge you to jump into this series (you don’t have to start at the beginning). Interestingly, if you despise Crime and Punishment – or couldn’t even get through it at gunpoint in high school – I actually encourage you even more to try this series. While he’s borrowed Porfiry Petrovich from Dostoevsky, Morris has put his own stamp on the character. It’s a subtle one, but made a crucial difference to me as someone who was, at best, indifferent on Crime and Punishment before discovering Morris’ fresh take on the character.”

Thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth!

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