Motivational messages from the spam folder.

Every now and then I check through the spam folder on this blog to see if it has mistakenly snagged any genuine comments. It’s a weirdly bittersweet experience. I am always disappointed because I never do find any genuine missed comments, but this is somehow compensated for by the spam comments themselves, which I find oddly charming and entertaining.

I’ve decided to post a compilation of the best. I have kept the idiosyncratic spellings:

“Heck of a job there, it aboslutely helps me out.”

“this is a great inspiring article. i am pretty much pleased with your good work. you put really very helpful information.”

“That’s a nicely made asnewr to a challenging question”

“These pieces really set a standard in the idnsutry.”

“That’s a mold-brakeer. Great thinking!”

“That’s going to make things a lot eiaser from here on out.”

“Excellent post! Love the notion of a lazy hybird shaman/warlord”

“You make it sound so intriguing. I am going to have to read up on this more!”

“You actually have a point there, I have never studied it like it like that before.”

“your texts are worthy a trophy, congratulations.”

“love the site, very nice and meaningful, keep it up.”

“great website. thank you for the info. cheers!”

“from this i understood everything thank you.”

“i do check this site often as it is very good & informative and will look out for an answer!”

“nice post thanks for sharing.”

“Heck yeah bay-bee keep them comnig!”


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