Why journalists are like buses

Only because you wait ages for one to mention you, then two do at once. The Guardian mentioned me in this piece about authors on twitter on Friday. The Independent on Sunday namechecked me in this piece about authors who take on other writers’ characters today. Perhaps this means I exist? Not sure, actually.

From A Manual Of Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity and Toxicology (1903)

As a historical crime writer, I’m naturally interested in the forensic methods and knowledge of earlier times. I try to track down old handbooks on the subject, one such being Henry Cadwalader Chapman’s Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity and Toxicology. It’s slightly after my period, but a lot of the techniques it discusses were in …

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Dostoevsky on murderers

During his time as an inmate of a katorga (prison camp) in Siberia, Dostoevsky had plenty of opportunity to observe murderers at close range. His observations are interesting, and clearly informed his later work. In the following extract, he identifies one particular type of murderer that he said was often encountered: “He lives quietly and …

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I came up with an idea for an article earlier this week. I shared the idea with Alex, my press officer at Faber, and she seemed to think there might be something in it, though it was a little too Dostoevsky-focused, perhaps. I was going to write something about the theme of child rape as …

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