The plog is dead – long live the Bloody Blog

Roger’s plog is no more. I’m moving on and moving up. Now I have a blog. A bloody blog. Perhaps I should call it a blod (a blog with blood on). Or a bloog. No, I think I’ll stick with Bloody Blog. I’m sure that’s what I will come to call it in the future. So welcome to Roger’s Bloody Blog. Somehow befitting for a crime writer, and that seems to be what I am these days.

Yes indeed, because yesterday I was officially commissioned to write the fourth novel in my historical crime series featuring Porfiry Petrovich. Yes, that Porfiry Petrovich, the investigating magistrate from Dostoevsky’s masterpiece Crime and Punishment.

I’m looking forward to starting work. But first I have to faff around on my new blog and website a bit longer. Once a displacement activist, always a displacement activist. Is that even a term?

By the way, my new bloody website and blog designed for me by Antoney Calvert of Colour-form. I’m really pleased with it, and think that Antoney’s design solution – to tailor a WordPress template to my peculiar blood-spattered requirements – works particularly well for a writer’s web needs.

Meanwhile, the changeover to WordPress has been something of a challenge, as the following clip shows:

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  1. Not nearly enough use of the word “f*&%” to be authentic!

    Hello darling – only just stumbled over this – the wife failed to mention it in our last chat. See you soon.

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